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From Robert Brockway, Sr. Editor and Columnist of Cracked.com comes The Unnoticeables, the first in a trilogy of funny and frightening urban fantasy novels.

There are angels, and they are not beneficent or loving. But they do watch over us. They watch our lives unfold, analyzing us for repeating patterns and redundancies. When they find them, the angels simplify those patterns and remove the redundancies, and the problem that is “you” gets solved.

Carey doesn’t much like that idea. As a punk living in New York City, 1977, Carey is sick and tired of watching strange kids with unnoticeable faces abduct his friends. He doesn’t care about the rumors of tar-monsters in the sewers or unkillable psychopaths invading the punk scene–all he wants is to drink cheap beer and dispense ass-kickings.

Kaitlyn isn’t sure what she’s doing with her life. She came to Hollywood in 2013 to be a stunt woman, but last night a former teen heartthrob tried to eat her, her best friend has just gone missing, and there’s an angel outside her apartment. Whatever she plans on doing with her life, it should probably happen in the few remaining minutes she has left.

There are angels. There are demons. They are the same thing. It’s up to Carey and Kaitlyn to stop them. The survival of the human race is in their hands.

We are, all of us, well and truly screwed.

Reviews for The Unnoticeables:

The Unnoticeables is a nightmarish and hilarious tour through modern day Hollywood, the 1970s New York Punk scene and Robert Brockway’s own diseased mind. I’m not prone to hyperbole, but I think it makes all previous books ever written look like big piles of shit.” — David Wong, New York Times bestselling author of THIS BOOK IS FULL OF SPIDERS and JOHN DIES AT THE END

“A nasty, freaky, and haphazardly funny horror story.” — Kirkus Book Reviews

“Like Hunter S. Thompson went drinking with Stephen King.” —Publishers Weekly

“The Unnoticeables is lean, mean, and perfectly balanced. It’s a rare find among urban fantasy novels: one that manages to genuinely terrify and excite in equal measure. It’s twisted, and original… an essential read for the fantasy lover looking for a story with a little more bite.” —Barnes & Noble Sci-fi/Fantasy

“The Unnoticeables is a raunchy ride through punk, horror and pop culture.” –NPR Book Reviews

The Unnoticeables is pure science fiction horror lurking behind the wry smile of a punk rocker in beer-stained blue jeans. Brockway writes confidently and with an utterly original voice, delivering a rude, smart, and at times terrifying story that I guarantee you’ve never seen before.” — Daniel H. Wilson, New York Times bestselling author of ROBOPOCALYPSE and ROBOGENESIS

The Unnoticeables has phenomenal voice… It never bogs down, never slows down, and never fails to be interesting.” — Staffer’s Book Review

The Unnoticeables is a visceral blend of brutality and cunning: bloody, innovative, and wildly compelling.” — Cherie Priest, author of BONESHAKER and MAPLECROFT

“Deliriously unhinged in the best way possible. Fantasy that is fast, funny, and downright freaky.” — Chuck Wendig, author of BLACKBIRDS and UNDER THE EMPYREAN SKY

“In a blaze of screaming guitars, The Unnoticeables will pogo into your imagination with anarchic black humour and a dark fantasy heart. This is first class punk rock urban fantasy and I want the t-shirt.” –Adam Christopher, author of EMPIRE STATE and THE BURNING DARK

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  1. Marc

    Just curious, when does this become available through my library and e-download? I really want to read this, but I can’t afford the book, only a library card (sadly, that’s not an exaggeration).

    1. gomijin@gmail.com Post author

      No idea! That depends on the library, but you can always request that your library buy copies.


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