The Unnoticeables is on sale now!

No more pre-orders, no more unrequited lust, no more staking out the publishers and ambushing anybody that leaves the office holding something green: The book is finally out. You may purchase it wherever fine books are sold. IF YOU DARE!

P-please dare.

I would super-appreciate if you could find it in your heart to dare.

3 thoughts on “The Unnoticeables is on sale now!

  1. Kecia

    I felt slightly silly always have for being a book hoarder based on color, size, something witty on the cover. A brief scan and I checked out. Half way through between kids, coffee, work, sleep deprivation it would be absurd but convenient to have a book for a hand. I do want to send you my paycheck say ‘write until arthritic fingers scream no more, and then some…’ Brilliant! I have a handfull of writers who’s text is sacred to me (most of the beat generation writers, Shakespeare, byron, chuck palaniuck , Ellen Hopkins very few others) you take the latter of the list and kabam the love child of ‘in your face can’t turn away non real reality! Not fantasy cause it’s totally plausible not really possible but daydreams and nightmares meld into an oil smear captivating you for all time’ thank you for allowing me to broaden my list! (If you ever get that chance check out -Geek Love- or -Dogwalkers- I think you would enjoy them)

    1. Post author

      Wow, high praise, thank you! I’ve read Geek Love already, but I’ll add Dogwalkers to my list, too. Hope you dig book two!


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