Pre-order The Unnoticeables, Get Rx free!

Hey there, dear reader.

I know you super well.

Right now you’re thinking:

“Man, I really want to read a book about ominous angels, killer former-teen heart throbs, drunken punk rockers, acidic tar monsters, and the hidden code that governs the universe — but I also want to read a book about a dystopian future society located entirely within one gigantic skyscraper that is addicted to hallucinogenic time traveling gas. And if, at some point, Abraham Lincoln fights a dinosaur, well, that would be just dandy. The problem here is that I only have enough money for one of those books!”

Well, that just won’t do. It’s a well established medical fact that the brain needs both urban fantasy sci-fi/horror and pharmaceutical cyberpunk fiction just to stay alive. I don’t want you to die, dear reader. So I’ll make you a deal: You pre-order a copy of my upcoming urban fantasty book about faceless cults and the punks that hate them, The Unnoticeables, and I’ll throw in an eBook copy of my last book, the cyberpunk misadventure Rx: A Tale of Electronegativity for free!

Here’s the rules:

Pre-order a copy of The Unnoticeables (any version you’d like)
Take a screenshot of the receipt
Email that to
I’ll email you back an eBook copy of Rx: A Tale of Electronegativity
Then you do an adorable little excited dance*


Remember: This only applies to pre-orders, so you have until July 6th, the day before launch, to get on this.


7 thoughts on “Pre-order The Unnoticeables, Get Rx free!

  1. Colin O'Boyle

    Hey there!

    Colin O’Boyle here, reviewer over at Geek Smash.

    I already have a copy of The Unnoticeables, and am planning on reviewing it for Geek Smash next month, but I’d LOVE a copy of Rx: A Tale of Electronegativity to review for next next month’s list.

    Would that be possible?


    1. Post author

      Sure thing! Email rxthebook at gmail dot com and I’ll get one right over.

  2. Jonny Ivey

    I already have a copy of Rx … But I don’t need motivation to pre-order this new one. Brockway is awesome. Keep it up, man!

  3. Jeanette Fornier

    Definitely ordering one sometime, no money no fun and all that jazz. If you do it in ebook form i would dl it, i would make a point of finding it, there is a sincere compliment on your awesome writing style!! cheers j

  4. MD

    I preordered the book on the iBookstore but they didn’t send me a receipt or anything. I guess that’s how Apple rolls or something. Should I just send you a screenshot showing the preorder in my library or something?


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